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PE-RT Pipe Production Line

Brand : Kefengyuan

Product origin : Qingdao

Delivery time :

Supply capacity : 10 sets per month

PE-RT Pipe Production Line

Application: Floor heat conveying;

Diameter: 20mm

Raw mateiral: PE-RT resin;

PE-RT pipe production line constitute:

1,Single Screw Extruder

2,Die&Mould 20mm

3,Vacuum Calibration Tank

4,Cooling Tank

5,Haul-off Machine


The pe-rt pipe production line can be used to produce PEX pipe by adding another two sets of extruders. It can also used to produce two layers/three layers/five layers PPR pipe, PE pipe ;

Our company has successfully enlarged the worldwide markets for this production line, such as Pakistan, Russia, Europe,Turkey etc. And in China, this production line are warmly welcomed by more and more plastic companies, the pipe market is becoming larger and larger.

Single screw extruder: It is equipped with auto loader and dryer;


Die&Mould: By changing this die head&mould, we can produce PPR pipe, PE pipe, soft PVC ppe, PEX pipe;

4. PE-RT机头体_副本.jpg

Vacuum Calibration Tank: With calibrator inside. Tin bronze calibrator or stainless steel calibrator can be choosen;


Haul-off Machine: Two caterpillar haul-off machine, pneumatic type and manule type can be choosen;


Double Station Recoiler of PE-RT/PPR/PE pipe


Construction of PE-RT on the floor of household. This pipe is used to convey the heating on the floor. 

Winter warm keeper. It is widely used in every apartment in China now. The most and common size is 20mm;


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